Read this article and discover the best free logo maker generator tools for budget-conscious marketers and entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses!

Startups and small businesses used to have only 2 options when they wanted to generate business logos and finalize their business identities. They could spend lots of money on professional logo designers, hoping this investment would create something of a great quality or they could take a few lessons, roll up their sleeves and create a design on their own.

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Best Free Online Logo Maker Options in USA

The second choice usually resulted in cheap-looking and ugly logos. Luckily for all of us, especially for the budget-conscious marketers and entrepreneurs and for the startups and small businesses, the times have changed and today, there are great logo maker generator tools that can help you design your own business logo in just a few minutes.

Check out these great tools and find the best logo maker generator for your business, according to your business needs and goals:

    • Logo Maker – This free logo maker tool comes with some of the best simple photos available, great designs, and many editing & customization options. If you want to design your logo, you can get in in a web format free of charge or you can get the logo in a full and high-resolution but that will cost you $49.
    • Logo Ease – Another great and free logo maker tool we highly recommend you to use. You can design the logo by yourself and they will give you a high-resolution file free of charge. The only downside of using this logo maker generator is that the photos and art are limited and the end design of the logo might come out looking a little bit generic. You can customize the logo by using the editing tools and come up with an interesting design.
    • Free Logo Services – This tool offers lots of amazing illustration and font options, however, the customization options are quite limited. You can’t move text or photos around as you are limited to changing colors and font sizes. If you want to download a high-resolution version of your logo, that will cost you $39.95.
    • Cool Text – This is a quite limited service that can help you create a text-based logo in different sizes or fonts without any illustrations. Their service is free of charge, however, your options are pretty limited. A piece of advice – take care when choosing fonts and sizes so your new logo doesn’t look cheap.
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